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Merino Wool

The Merino is one of the oldest breeds of sheep. Merinos are able to survive the hot and freezing temperatures of New Zealand.

The Unique Properties of Merino Wool

Moisture wicking:

  • Merino fiber absorbs up to 35% of its own weight in water before it starts feeling wet (absorbs humidity and then evacuates it in the atmosphere).


  • Keeps you warm when cold and cool when hot.

Odour control

  • Better odour resistance dans other existing fibers (absorbs and traps unwanted odours which become harder to detect).

Merino wool also is biodegradable!

Our merino wool products

With its merino wool padding you won’t need a half-pad and it will keep your horse dry and comfortable.

  • Premier Equine Half-Pads

By using merino wool to make saddle pads, amazing shock absorption is obtained. Those half-pads provide maximum comfort for your horse.

What could be better than a merino blanket to keep you warm this Fall! Whether it is for a picnic or as a beautiful throw for your living room’s couch, Pendleton’s Motor Robes are very versatile.

How to care for merino wool

Machine washable with a gentle or specialised detergent. Air dry. It is best to avoid the use of softener.

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